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The Devil's Duel arrives in 2017, but you can download the free demo now and begin your fight for freedom: http://store.steampowered.com/app/543440/

Built from the ground up exclusively for virtual reality platforms, The Devil's Duel delivers the kind of high stakes, heart pounding action only a gunslinger could love. Go toe-to-toe with over 15 legendary opponents as you make your way to the fallen angel himself. But be careful... The Devil ain't exactly known for playing fair.

Intuitive controls designed specifically for the HTC Vive offer an authentic western experience as you slide your thumb across the touchpad to reload and fan the hammer. Meticulously crafted gunplay means that everything from raw speed to fine aim are all taken into account for every shot.

  • A game of pure skill, both physically and mentally. Be the fastest. Be the smartest.
  • Enjoy perfectly tuned controls as you holster your weapon, reload and fire with precision. The difference between life and death is just a matter of milliseconds.
  • Compete against a wide variety of opponents, each one hand picked by the dark prince himself.
  • An interactive story only possible in virtual reality: after a chance encounter, a small town Sheriff is faced with impossible odds, fighting for freedom--In this life and the next.
  • Compete for the fastest draw times as you perfect the delicate art of gunslinging.
  • Secrets hidden throughout an authentic old west environment.
  • Bonus game modes like Endless Duel: The ultimate test of your quick-draw skills.

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